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Crazy Bulk in 2020-Bulking/ Cutting & Strength Stacks

Crazy Bulk in 2020-Bulking/ Cutting & Strength Stacks

Crazybulk is not just another brand but its amazing qualities are hard to ignore! Steroids are the best supplements for bodybuilders and athletes who want to get a complete makeover of their bodies in a short time.

Steroids are body builder’s favorite thing which they need as a child needs candies.

Bodybuilders who want to transform their bodies in a short time looking for different ways to increase their muscle size.

People who want to increase their muscle size and boost their strength and stamina in a short time can only be done while using steroids.

Steroids can help to give you your desired body in a short time. The result is spectacular and visible, which makes the person feel happy. However, steroids do have after-effects.

Steroids are great to use for people who want to change their body structure in a short time, but they do have severe side effects. 

Normal supplements that are made with other ingredients and do not have steroids do help in muscle growth. However, it takes time to build up and get a muscular body that is heavy and perfect.

It also takes a lot of effort and patience to wait for a perfect bulky and cutting body without steroids.

Nevertheless, in this fast-paced world, people have been expressive and practicing on different ingredients that will give them benefits and will support them during their workout sessions.

Technology and manpower both have selected and combined the ingredients together to form a perfect blend of supplement which gives benefit to humankind.

A company that takes care of the supplements with natural ingredients is Crazy Bulk.

Crazy bulk is one of the companies that has made different supplements that work exactly like any steroids but without any kinds of side effects.


Crazy bulk is one of the companies which makes legal steroids. Since 2004, this company has been in the market and has been on top of the list of giving legal steroids without any side effects.

Crazy bulk has made products free from any chemicals and filters; therefore, the product is safe from side effects.

This company has been making products that are free from side effects and gives maximum benefits to people who wish to increase their size in a short time.

The main advantage of these products is that they do not need any prescription; they are easily available on its official website.

Crazy bulk’s products are known as legal steroids because the products which crazy bulk made are the substitute of original anabolic steroid.

The difference between anabolic steroid and legal steroid is that the legal steroids gives the same result as steroids do but without any side effects.

On the other hand, steroids give results in a short time, but the after-effects are very lethal and dangerous.

The products which crazy bulk makes are made with natural and authentic ingredients, which are carefully studied by experts and are made to give maximum benefit to people in a short time and side effects.


Crazy bulk is famous for making products that are alternative to anabolic steroids. These products give results the same as steroids but without any adverse reactions.

The products of crazy bulk help to change the body’s structure and transforms the body into something new and which was desired for a long time.

People who want to transform their bodies are usually cutting and bulking. However, crazy bulk has made products for both men and women who wish to transform their bodies in both the cutting and bulking phase.

In addition, the products which crazy bulk make are all legal steroids and are made for different transformations of the body, such as:


Crazy bulk is the highly effective muscle supplement which gives result same as anabolic steroids do. It is called asteroid because it gives extreme results in limited time, just like any steroid and without any side effects.

The products of crazy bulk are natural and are made to give similar results as anabolic steroids but without any side effects. These products help to transform the body in good shape. 

However, while consuming products of crazy bulk, some points should be kept in mind while using the products:

  • Drink plenty of water while using the products
  • Keep track of calories per day. It should be above 500
  • Get enough protein for better result
  • Use some salty food or salt intake after a sweaty workout
  • a scoop of whey protein after a workout for faster muscle repair to be used
  • Try to take pictures every day before and after a workout to see the difference
  • You can do workout any time of the day; however, the best time for a workout is 2 pm to 6 pm.
  • Give your body some rest. Work only one time per day
  • Sleep for 8 to 10 hours per night.

These products are specially made for athletes and bodybuilders so that they can improve their performance and strength in a natural and effective way. 

Not only athletes but also it is very effective for people who wish to get a perfect and lean muscle body structure. People who want to get lean muscle mass along with a hard body, these crazy bulk products will be beneficial for them. 

Even for people who want to lose weight and to maintain their muscle mass, these crazy bulk products will also be effective for them, as these products will provide them their desired body structure in a short time.


Crazy bulk has made products that are effective and beneficial in every way. The products give visible results in a short time as compared with other dietary supplements.

The products of crazy bulk are used for two different purposes: cutting and bulking. Some products even have both effects and can be used by both men and women. 

However, the products which are made by crazy bulk are:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo Max
  • Trenorol
  • Clenbuterol
  • Winsol
  • Decaduro
  • Anadrole
  • Anvarol

These products are used for cutting and bulking purposes along with energy and a great result. They are substitute and made to give results similar to original steroids.

However, these products can be classified into bulking and cutting purposes. Products for bulking are:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo Max
  • Trenorol

While the products for cutting purpose are:

  • Winsol
  • Anvarol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Testo Max


Crazy bulk has a wide range of products that are used for bulking, cutting, and building up muscles. These products are beneficial in different ways and help to get the desired body structure. Even though these products are made as a substitute; therefore, they do not have any side effects or harmful chemicals.

Products that crazy bulk make are from natural ingredients, which gives a body a new transformation to make it look attractive. For giving the same result as steroids, these products are free from side effects and give a similar result as steroids do.

Here are the list and details of the products they make and sell:


D-Bal is the first product of crazy bulk and is an alternative to the steroid, which is called Dianabol. D-Bal is made with a new formula, which makes it different and legal to buy in the market.

D-Bal is made with ingredients that do not cause any side effects; however, the result is much better and faster as compared with other dietary supplements. 

If D-bal is used before a workout, the result will be visible during workout sessions. D-Bal has an active and one of the main ingredients, SUMA, which contains ecdysteroids.

Ecdysteroids are similar to the anabolic agent. It is organic and safe to use for everyone as they come from the root of the same plant and is authentic and in pure form in D-ball.

Some researchers say that due to the anabolic nature of ecdysteroids, suma is in consideration as it can be used as a doping agent for athletic competition.

For now, the ingredient suma is safe to consume and is not listed on a banned list of athletic commission. However, if you are an athlete, make sure to consult with the commission before using D-Bal to prevent any further problems.

D-Bal is loaded with ingredients which are combined together to give muscular and bulky body without any side effects.


Trenorol is an alternative to the anabolic steroid known as Trenbolone. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is widely used among bodybuilders to build up their muscle mass within a short time.

Originally, trenbolone is the steroid that has effective results and is useful for building up muscles in a short time, later the side effects are dangerous.

When you use the anabolic steroid, trenbolone, this steroid slows down or stops the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Due to the low level of this hormone, the body becomes weak and lethargic and makes the body feel weak and low on energy. Trenbolone also makes your penis to stop working properly.

On the other hand, Trenorol is made as an alternative to trenbolone and is effective in building up muscles; nevertheless, it has no side effects.

D-Bal and Trenorol, both are from the same categories of building muscles. However, D-Bal makes the muscles pumped up to an unlimited extent, and Trenorol helps to grow and makes them lean.

Trenorol puts stops from water preservation as compared with D-bal; therefore, while using Trenorol, the cutting is more ripped, visible, and clean.

Trenorol makes the appearance look muscular without giving the effect of a healthy body. In fact, Trenorol helps to lose weight and makes the muscles look prominent.


Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, and crazy bulk made an alternative named Winsol. Winsol preserves the muscles and keeps the body hard and firm. This means that while using Winsol, you will be able to lose weight while gaining muscle mass and body. 

The vital benefit of this anabolic steroid is that it helps to improve stamina and strength. It helps to gain muscle mass, helps to lose weight, and makes the cuttings and body in shape.

One example of the use of this steroid is in the Olympics of 1988, a gold medal winner, named Ben Johnson, who was a Canadian sprinter. However, after winning the gold medal, his medal was taken away as it was found that he popped pills of Winsol before the game to enhance his performance.

On the contrary, to get benefits and want to compete in some athletic competition, you can use and take benefit from using crazy bulk’s Winstrol, as it is safe and free from side effects and will enhance your stamina and energy during performance.


Anadrol is another very hard steroid; however, its substitute is made by crazy bulk as Anadrole.

Anadrol was originally made for patients who were bedridden, to save their muscles and mass structure.

In fact, many patients who were bed-bound gained muscles after consuming Anadrol without any exercise or weight lifting; in fact, they were suffering from diseases through which they were unable to get up from the bed. 

Therefore, looking after that result, Anadrol became the popular steroid among bodybuilders.

Unfortunately, Anadrol has a lot of severe side effects. On the other hand, legal steroid, Anadrole made by crazy bulk, is safer and free from any kind of side effects as it is made from L- Carnitine, which helps to repair and build up muscle mass. 

Anadrole has two main ingredients, shilajit, and Tribulus, to increase the level of testosterone, which helps to build up muscles at fast speed.

To increase the size and strength of muscles, Anadrole is the best supplement, as it will help you gain your desired muscles in a short time.

When using Anadrole, you will not feel any water retention, and after one week, you will be able to notice some changes in your body.


Sustanon, the real anabolic steroid which is made to boost and increase the level of testosterone in men to give them health benefits.

Therefore, Testo max is the product alternative to Sustanon, which gives benefits without side effects.

Naturally, when the level of testosterone is low, the body becomes lazy, tired, and lethargic. These symptoms are mainly due to the low level of this hormone, and these can affect our everyday lives. 

Testomax is made from a natural ingredient D-Aspartic acid, which is a natural testosterone booster and can increase the level of testosterone by 42%, whereas ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B) tends to increase the testosterone level by 32.44%.

Testomax is the best product and is popular in the market for boosting the level of testosterone and giving the body a new and energized feeling.

Testomax is the best product and is very effective without any side effects, it boosts the level of hormone; therefore, it makes it easy to exercise and build muscles along with burning fat. 

Testosterone levels must be high during the workout and even in normal routine days. Increased level of testosterone will help you lift more weights and will aid in giving you heavy muscles along with a healthy lifestyle.

Testo Max is a natural testosterone booster, and it is a good supplement no matter what you want to achieve in daily life, this supplement will help to reach the goal with ease.


Deca Durabolin is the real anabolic steroid. This anabolic supplement is the substitute of Deca Durabolin, which is made by the company, crazy bulk.

Deca Durabolin is famous among bodybuilders, and it does have side effects like any other steroid. 

Decaduro might not be as strong and effective as the anabolic steroid; however, it may help to give you a big boost when it comes to lifting, stamina, and strength.

Decaduro is the best choice for those who want to lift heavy weights and to get more strength and energy.

Decaduro is the best supplement for increasing weight mass and strength. This product is made from natural ingredients and is safe to consume. This legal steroid aids the body and gives strength to lift more weight along with losing fat.

The supplement, decaduro works after eight to twelve weeks; therefore, it is better to use this product without any break.

After 8 weeks, the result will be visible, and you will see a different change in your body. Decaduro helps to lift more weight than a usual routine workout, and this makes to build more muscles and helps to lose weight.

This product also helps to make the cuttings more visible. Therefore, this product will help to get the perfect body in a short time.


Real steroid, Anavar, was made for patients who were on the bed and could not move in order to preserve their muscle mass; therefore, crazy bulk made a substitute of Anavar and named it as Anvarol. 

Later on, after studies, it was found that Anavar preserved the muscle mass of patients while losing weight.

Therefore, this supplement became popular among bodybuilders. Bodybuilders want a perfect heavy body without losing any muscle mass, which they have gained and made an effort to reach the desired physique.

Like other steroids, Anavar also had side effects, and to prevent those effects, people have been transferring towards Anvarol by crazy bulk.

Anvarol is free from side effects as it is made from natural ingredients and makes the body and cutting in a better and more visible look.

Anvarol helps you shed down the extra weight surrounding the muscles and keeping the body in proper lean shape while preserving muscle mass.

If you train heavy and consume the right amount of food, this supplement will help to get the lean muscle mass.

Even if you eat fewer calories and lose weight, you will be feeling strong after using Anvarol as it has ingredients that make the body preserve muscles while giving energy.


Clenbutrol is one of the products manufactured by crazy bulk. This supplement is an alternative to the anabolic steroid, Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is an illegal steroid that gives the desired result in a short time, but it leaves us with side effects.

Just for the reason that Clenbuterol was effective but caused side effects, crazy bulk made a substitute of Clenbuterol with the name Clenbutrol.

It is made with natural ingredients and works the same as the anabolic steroid but without any kinds of side effects.

However, there are some major products in the market which are made for men only, but this product is made for the use of both men and women.

For women, this product is the best as they can use this product to get a perfect, slim, and well-toned body.

Clenbutrol is made with natural ingredients, which helps to increase the duration of the workout while giving energy, increases the fat burning process in the body, and gives the benefit of cardio.

The ingredients used in this supplement are natural and combined with experts. The combination of these ingredients makes it work effectively, especially when it comes to build up muscles or to lose weight.

Not only lose weight, but Clenbutrol also helps to preserve muscle mass and gives a clean and perfect lean muscle mass along with the boost in energy levels. 

Clenbutrol has the ingredients which help lose weight and to give a perfect lean muscle mass. It burns the extra fat from inside the body and improves performance all day long.

It is known as the strongest supplement because of the mixture and combination of ingredients that help in fat burning, which melts down the extra fat that surrounds the muscles, preserves the muscles, and makes them hard.

The ingredients used in Clenbutrol are safe to use and combined together to make a powerful pill, as the ingredients are natural and free from chemicals such as ephedrine or any other dangerous element. 

Clenbutrol has thermogenic properties, which allow the body to shift into a thermogenic process without any side effects.

Clenbutrol does have an effect in the body of burning fat along with an increase in lean muscle mass, improved performance, and a boost in energy.

Clenbutrol burns fat all day long by increasing the metabolic rate and raising the internal temperature of the body.

This increase in temperature burns the fat and is used in the form of energy while giving the body a slim and well-toned body with lean muscle mass. 

However, if Clenbutrol is used regularly and in the recommended way, the result will be visible in a short time, and you will be able to see yourself in a lean muscle mass and well-ripped body.


Crazy bulk has a variety of different products that are effective for both men and women and gives the body a different and unique change.

However, if you stack these together, the results will be more visible. There are two categories from which you can choose your desired goal.

● Bulking stack

● Cutting stack


Cutting means to make the muscles appear with proper cuts and crease. All this is possible when a person loses weight and does exercise, which helps to make the muscles more prominent and hard.

However, while consuming crazy bulk’s cutting stack, the following are the benefits which you might get:

● With the help of burning fat, the abs become visible and perfect

● In less than 3 to 4 weeks, the body begins to show lean muscle mass

● The stacking of crazy bulk for cutting is 100% safe and side effects free

● 20% discount is available on the products along with free shipping within the US, UK, and Europe

● The company has allowed the website to offer a money-back policy

● The company has bought 2 and get 1 free offer as well

● The ingredients in these products are effective and work inside the body to give a perfect lean muscle look outside

● The ingredients used are combined by experts and works to burn fat and maintains the weight of the body

This stacking of crazy bulk’s product is proven to give maximum benefit to people who wish to have a lean muscle mass without any side effects.

The products are safe to use and do not make the person tired and weak. In fact, the result is so prominent that it increases confidence and makes the person happy and motivated.

The stacking of products which are Winsol, Clenbutrol, Testo Max, and Anvarol; are the products that shed down the fat from the body.

It is also very effective for men and women who are suffering from obesity or overweight.

These products help to lose bodyweight with ease and gives the body a new shape and transformation.


Stacks for bulking is also as great as cutting stack. The difference is that the cutting stack is used for burning fat and getting a lean muscle mass.

On the other hand, a bulking stack is used to burn fat, but it makes the body heavy and increases the size of the muscles.

The stack for bulking is also very effective and free from side effects and any harmful chemicals.

However, the benefits which can get from bulking stack are:

● Increases the size of muscles

● Helps to get rid of extra body weight making the body look muscular

● The ingredients in the products are natural and safe to consume

● Ingredients help to boost energy and stamina during workouts which help to lift heavy weights

● Burning of fat is also easy and is used to produce energy

● Continuous use of these products will not be harmful and will help to increase size in a short time

● Ingredients are safe and can be used for long time use

These products do not make a person weak and tired as the products include natural and authentic ingredients, which make the body feel energized and active all day long. Consuming these pills before a workout will show effects that are more positive and beneficial as it will help to lift more weights, and this will increase the muscle size much faster.


The legal steroid does not mean that the product is a pure anabolic steroid. The word legal steroid brings in the confusion for most of the people, and they believe that this company is allowed to sell anabolic steroids.

However, in this case, the scenario is completely different. The legal steroid does not mean anabolic steroids. The company claims that they do not sell any kinds of anabolic steroids or use them n the products.

The fact is that crazy bulk is using natural and safe ingredients, which gives benefits the same as steroids do.

The product is made with natural herbs and ingredients, which imitates the way the steroids work in the body and gives results as steroids.

The company, at any cost, does not use any chemicals or steroids in its product. The word legal steroid is just a phrase used to attract customers, and it is working quite positively.

The result of these products is the same as steroids, and many people are taking benefit from it by buying the product which they need for transforming their body and physique.


Real or anabolic steroids work much faster than these legal steroids. There is no doubt that anabolic steroids do have faster results and gives the body a perfect shape in a short time.

Normal supplements take months to be visible. However, steroids take weeks, and the result is quite remarkable as well.

On the other hand, even though steroids are the best option for use, but one thing that makes it unusable is the side effects. Side effects of steroids are very severe, and times it can become fatal if overdosed.

Steroids might be attractive and useful for people, but they leave severe reactions after use.

The proper built and muscular body might be quite an attraction for some people, but the after-effects can be even more fatal.

Crazy bulk’s products or legal steroids are safe and do not have any kinds of side effects. The ingredients of these products are selected and combined by experts who have been researching these ingredients for a long time.

These products are made with herbs and natural ingredients that work effectively in the body and give positive results similar to any steroids. However, the products are made for the safety of people, which gives benefits without causing any harm to the body or organs.

Crazy bulk has made all the products free from chemicals and steroids and is safe to use for both men and women who want to bring a change in their life by transforming their bodies into something different and remarkable.


Other than those products, crazy bulk has made products, which increases energy and stamina in the body. These products are also safe and free from any kind of side effects. However, other products of crazy bulk are:


HGH X2 is the natural substitute of supplement HGH, which is a (Human Growth Hormone). HGH is known as anti-aging, which helps to reduce wrinkles and provides overall health. 

The moderate use of HGH has shown a great change in people. The little dose helped to provide lean muscle mass, burn down the fat, increase in a new sense of excitement; however, this product is a bit costly.

HGH is illegal, and unlike all the steroids, long-term use of this product will increase the risk of severe side effects.

People who have been using HGH have been experimenting by using crazy bulk’s HGH X2; however, the original product is always on top, but the product which crazy bulk made is also up to the mark.

HGH X2 is powerful for athletes and bodybuilders to provide them with strength and stamina for better performance.

HGH, when used in high, makes the muscles gain and give them strength in a faster way. The main thing in HGH X2 is that it makes the user feel happy and active throughout the day.

The best age to use HGH X2 is above 30 years of age, as it will affect them more and will make them feel young and energized again.

This product mostly affects those who are above 30 years of age, as they need more energy and stamina for daily routine and their lifestyle. The older you are, the more benefits you see in yourself after using this product.


A new version of NO2-Max by crazy bulk is the innovative product that does not make you stop anywhere. NO2-Max is the supplement that is a vasodilator; it means that this supplement helps to widen the blood vessels.

A vasodilator is a process in which the flow of blood is increased during workout sessions, this blood flow helps to keep the muscles pumped and allows more oxygen to enter the muscles.

This means that while consuming this product, you will feel like a strong human and will be able to lift heavy weights, which was impossible to do without using this product, and this will make you build up your body at a faster speed.

This whole process will help to increase the building of muscles at a faster rate.

You will get the feeling of tearing your shirt during and after your workout sessions. The body will be pumped up at extreme height and will not get tired of lifting heavyweights.

Using this supplement pre-workout session, you will become indestructible, will be able to lift more weights, and will work out like crazy.

NO2-Max helps to build up muscles by boosting the body, and this will also support lifting heavy weight without any pain. It will pump up your muscles, will give the feeling of heavy, and pumped up muscles.

By getting the strength, your body will be able to lift more weights, and this will help to increase muscles at a much faster speed.


Crazy bulk is the manufacturer of the products, which are legal steroids. The products of crazy bulk are made to give similar results as steroids. However, these legal steroids are safe to use and do not have any negative effects on the users,

Crazy bulk products have 2 categories; bulking and cutting. These two categories have different products to support the body. However, when stacked, these products give great results. The ingredients from which these products are made are natural and safe to use.

Along with these products, a few healthy tips must also be followed, such as having a good sleep of 8 hours and do not work out continuously or more than one time per day.

Crazy bulk products are very effective and have a positive result on people who use it for benefit. Each product has its own ingredients and made with special ingredients to give maximum benefit.

The products are made from natural ingredients, which will take time to work in the body and give results; however, the wait is worth waiting for.

Stacking up the cutting and bulking products together will bring out the results more effectively. Crazy bulk has given the new generation a great way to increase and manage their body structure in an easy and side effect free manner. 

However, these products are safe and legal to buy and are available on their official website. To avail discounts, make sure to order it online.